• Feed Milling Technology

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Atlas Değirmen has become a leading company without sacrificing ethical commercial understanding by using quality workmanship and materials. As a result of its long experience life, it has presented technology synergistically.

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Production Our Stages


In feed factories, it ensures that the materials that can be entered into the feed are weighed in very small quantities and with high sensitivity and added into the mixer.


It is a spiral system that provides regular and continuous material feeding for the crusher mill to operate at optimum capacity.


Double shaft horizontal mixers are suitable machines for homogeneously mixing various powder and granule particles. It is used to mix animal food, agricultural food, vitamin supplements and grains.


It is designed to add the desired amount of vitamins to the product. By adding vitamins to the machine, it allows them to be added to the system at the desired rates. The mixer, which is usually mounted on the screw helix, provides the mixture of the vitamin it pours into the helix.


Pelletizing requires just the right combination of force, humidity and temperature to achieve the perfect consistency. Our ability to achieve this perfect combination comes from configuring the right equipment in your processing line.


It is used to cool the pelleted products and bring them almost to the ambient temperature. The product is cooled by drawing air through the fan. The hot product is continuously fed into the cooling chamber via the airlock.


Circular sieve is used in the processing and classification of granular or powder products of various sizes. According to the sieve diameter and structure, it sends the product to the process or reprocessing according to the necessary cleaning and classification process.


In free-flowing warehouses, it ensures that the product (wheat-bran-flour, etc.) in the warehouse is properly emptied. The outlet port, which is connected to the main body with joints, is driven by a vibro motor and ensures the regular flow of the product.


They are semi and fully automatic machines that can be designed according to the product and weight to be bagged. Depending on the capacity, its dimensions and design may change completely. It can be used in many different product groups.